9:00 PM Work

Hey Everyone! I figured I should start adding updates on the progress of the site and the show. I’m doing my best to mix down a boat load of audio, and build this dang ol’ webber site. Things are going well, though.


We are actually on a ton of sites, though we are having some issues with outlier destinations. This will get corrected. We are hoping for a Nov 1 go live date, and it seems everything will meet that dead line.

Here is where we are currently:

  • We are getting close on facebook

  • The website is functional but not finished

  • WE HAVE TEE SHIRTS!! Go here and buy one! The store does not sort well, but we will get there.

  • iTunes, Google, and Spotify are up! These are the best places to find us.

  • We have a Buy Me a Coffee page. This may seem like a senseless money grab and it is. Subscriptions are expensive, dude

  • And we are still regularly creating content. It is just limited to our time to get the raw into the finished

So as you can see, we are making good progress. I will keep you posted here and in twitter as we continue on. Be on the look out for updates and new content. And don’t forget…

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